Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Lady Dior Campaign

Someone at Dior is coming up with major fabulousness.

Dior just unveiled its new campaign for the Lady Dior Bag, a four part series with Marion Cotillard, the Oscar winning actress. You can get a beind the scenes glimpse of the photo shoot with photographer Peter Lindbergh (with John Galliano proudly looking on) and an interview with Cotillard. This is the second Dior campaign in a month that I find truly impressive. No gimmicks, no nudity, no trash. Just pure French femininity.

The series will take place in four international cities. I wonder where to next? Rome? London? Can't wait to find out! I find Marion to be very elegant, gracious and chic. I really loved the dress she wore to the Cesar Film Award ceremony.

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