Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gorgeous Bourbon Roses

Kim Smith

I received more photos from author Kim Smith. These were taken in her garden in Gloucester, Mass. Gorgeous!

She accompanied her photos with another poem by Emily Dickinson:

A sepal, a petal, and a thorn

Upon a common summer’s morn—

A flash of Dew—A Bee or two—

A Breeze—

A caper in the trees—

And I’m a Rose!



Sharon said...

Hi there, I live in the UK and loved the name of your blog so thought I would try it out! I could not believe that roses growing in my garden when I moved in, that have not until now been identified are identical to the shot of the roses sent in by your friend!!! I love your blog! Sharon

Gerri Ward said...

- And nobody speaks of a Rose more Beautifully than Emily Dickinson and these are solely Beautiful Roses!
p.s. My Thursday post will be dedicated to YOU !!!

Beach Vintage said...

These are just beautiful wonderful pieces of art.