Monday, September 28, 2009

Inspirational Book: The Dolphin

"The Dolphin" is an enchanting tale of courage, and rising above fears and limits. A lonely dolphin named Daniel Alexander Dolphin sets out to fulfill his destiny and learns that to achieve his goals he must not only act, but dream, and not only plan, but believe. The wisdom he aquires can inspire we humans as well:

"There comes a time in life
when there is nothing else to do
but to go your own way.
A time to follow your dreams.
A time to raise the sails of your
own beliefs."

About the Author
Sergio S. Bambaren is an Australian citizen who was born in Lima, Peru. After receiving a degree in chemical engineering at Texas A&M University, he left a lucrative job in Sydney to follow his dreams. His love for the ocean inspired him to become a writer, and he has published 11 best-selling books. Sergio currently lives in Peru, surrounded by the dolphins and surfing he loves so much. He became a philanthropist several years ago, and works to protect the ocean and its creatures.



amy kelinda said...

I love dolphins! Is the book a novel or an inspirational essay? I remember one of my favorite books growing up was Karen Hesse's The Music of Dolphins. It was a novel about a girl who was raised by dolphins trying to learn how to live life as a human being. It touches on the complexities of human interaction and emotion, and was quite beautiful, though sad.

Beach Vintage said...

Why are dolphins so beautiful and instantly calming to me....I just adore them. This book sounds like the same. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage.