Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vita Prada taking Italy by Storm

Vita Prada, an unauthorized biography on Miuccia Prada which was released in Italy just before the holidays, is reportedly a bestseller in the country. The book, written by journalist Gian Luigi Paracchini, who covered fashion for twelve years at Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, chronicles how Miuccia first met future husband Patrizio Bertelli at a trade fair — he was selling bags, and she told him: "You're ripping off my bags." And of course, the infamous moment when Patrizio, known for his temper, reportedly smashed the mirrors in a Miu Miu store "because they make everybody look fat" is included. Miuccia's reaction to the book? Apparently: "I don't think I'm as big a b*tch as you think, but I had fun reading it." [Opera Chic]

I hope it gets translated into English!

(via Fashionologie)

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