Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Book: Classy by Derek Blasberg

I came across a blurb about Classy on a blog and there were several quotes from this book that caught my attention:

A lady does not wish to be defined by her purchases.

A lady understands that just because people think she can afford expensive things does not mean they think she deserves them.

A lady, if she desires a designer item, will work hard and pay for the authentic version.

A lady is careful with her words, even the nasty ones. 

A lady doesn't substitute inventions for face-to-face touch and communication.

A lady is never worried about possessing intelligence. Being coquettish or dainty for the sake of being dainty are ideas that smart women know are archaic. 

A lady knows not to answer her phone at a fashion show. Ever.

No matter how often we hear this type of etiquette advice ( re: the Kate Spade Books from a few years ago), I'm still a big fan of these types of books!  My advice: you can never be too classy!!

(Via Quite Cheeky Girl)

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Daniella said...

Me too! I loved the Kate Spade ones and this ones seems much more "modern day"... i'll have to check it out.