Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Reading: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

The title of this novel was inspired by a Bauhaus song and refers to a commencement address given by one of the main characters. I had picked up a free copy at the Book Expo in New York two years ago and given the fact that I was caught up with finishing my novel in the last two years, had not yet read it. Having no clue what the story line was about, I brought it to the cottage, thinking the cover inspired summer reading in the hammock.

Boy, was I right on the money!! I have not been able to put it down!

It's the story of a well to do upper middle class family flush with new Silicon Valley money whose female members are on a downward spiral. Each of the mother and her two daughters must face her own demons: betrayal, drugs, professional failure, money woes and sex.  Their struggles in overcoming such obstacles are heart wrenching but can be laugh out loud funny: you can't help but cheer them on as they find their way out of dark situations.

Janelle Brown's writing is sharp, vivid, poignant and hilarious.

Here is a trailer for the book I found on her Facebook page. I can't wait to read her second novel, This is Where We Live.

 I have two Janelle crushes this week, the second one being on Janelle Monae. I discovered her album this week and played her Tightrope video about twenty times!!
 Wow, this woman really swings!

(image via Amazon.com)


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Always happy for more book recommendations!

heather said...

Thanks for the excited, passionate book recommendation!

Kim Smith said...

Janelle Monáe is fantastic!! I love her Cindi Mayweather character. Many Moons is divine-as is the entire first suite.