Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Denis Gagnon Vernissage at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The darling of the Quebec fashion scene, Denis Gagnon had the opportunity to celebrate his 10th anniversary in business in high style, not only with the fashion show but with an exhibition of 20 works that opens Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010 to the public in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Contemporary Art Square. It is a remarkable and perhaps first-time achievement for any Quebec or Canadian designer to be fêted and exhibited at a fine-arts museum.  

The exhibition was designed with architect Gilles Saucier, not as a retrospective but to show the artistry of the designer’s recent work, Saucier said. The space is dominated by a massive inverted black pyramid suspended from the ceiling, upon which film is projected. The walls of the Square are covered in closeup photographs of his work: fringe suggesting wheat fields; a python chain for a handbag; all that intricately worked zipper. 

The Gagnon show comes after YSL, certainly one of the great créateurs of the 20th century, and before Jean Paul Gaultier, the enfant terrible of French fashion, whose work will be the subject of a retrospective here from June to October 2011.

I attended the vernissage last night and met with lots of lovely people including, the sylist Serge Jean Laviolette, fashion designer  Michel Desjardins and Donald Browne, the owner of a Montreal contemporary art gallery.

(Images and video from Montreal Gazette)

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