Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book of the week: The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

I have a confession to make

I bought myself an advance Christmas gift last week. From me to moi...(the best kind!) to celebrate a great year and to help with some research. 

I was smitten as soon as I opened the pages of this gorgeous book. Written by a fashion journalist at Vogue, W and Women's Wear Daily, it highlights lovely delights such as frilly lingerie, confetti, love notes, origami, pillowbooks and perfume. Exquisite it definitely is.

“…with searching, beauty can be found in the most unlikely places, folly is essential, and luxury doesn’t mean spending lots of money.”


- Jessica Kerwin Jenkins, Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

(image via Wedluxe)


Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

I've seen the cover of this book a few times now but now I'm officially intrigued. Is that image on the top in the book?

Fiamma said...

I am definitely buying this book! Can't wait to read it already! Thanks for sharing!



Niki said...

I just might have to treat myself to an early Christmas present. I'm inspired! Thanks for the tip.

Niki said...

I, too am inspired to treat myself to a little early Christmas present and it looks like this might be it. Thanks!

Isabelle Lafleche said...

Hi Tiffany, the first image is not from the book...but it's lovely nonetheless!