Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stephanie's DIY: New Year's confetti!

Nothing says "celebration" quite like the sprinkle of confetti!!  Although making it is a simple task, it could be the one thing your night is missing!   Always looking for a way to make the little things stand out, I have a few suggestions for you that will make your confetti special and very festive.  Yes, I do think that the typical, hole-punched multi-color papers are a necessity, but to spruce it up you need to add some flavor!  Paper punches now come in so many different shapes; snowflakes, stars and swirls -so your choices are truly infinite.  Another sweet touch is to add flower petals to the mix, making your confetti even more glamorous and modern.  Lastly, if you want everyone to have their own confetti, you can always buy or make confetti cones and fill them up!!  

Happy New Year everyone!! 

May you be blessed with happiness, health and love in 2011! 

(images via Victoria's Secret, The Daily Green, Fifties Wedding, One shoe a day)


Anna said...

This made me even more excited for the new years celebration ahead.
I love this diy idea.

PinkDiva said...

Love the images ! You actually inspired me to buy the Jan issue of Lucky. (previous post) I love a good magazine spread !

Angela Felsted said...

What pretty pictures!

Kaysens nye klæder said...

I just love your pictures!
Happy new year :)