Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stephanie's tip: Winter Comfort in a Cup


 I'm so thrilled that I get a chance to celebrate December with a warm and delicious DIY!  I was inspired for this post by two things; one being the chilly weather that December brings, and the other being a little spot in my heart that's missing living in Italy.  With that said, nothing beats a warm mug of vanilla hot chocolate to make you feel cozy and happy no matter what the weather, and what better way to garnish it than with a spoon dipped in chocolate?  When I lived in Italy, there was a little café that would serve my hot chocolate with a chocolate spoon and, may I say; it was drool worthy!  Of course you can always buy the spoons but nothing says "amazing and creative host" like this little home-made treat! 

      P.S.:  The spoons, when wrapped in cellophane with some ribbon make a lovely winter gift as well!

(Images: Taste of Home, Total Life ProsperityEggs on Sunday, French Frosting, Fuel your blogging)



That sounds positively divine right about now! It's so very cold here too!

Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

I love the idea of these spoons!

Fiamma said...

In general I don't like winter.... I don't like the cold and the snow.... but there are some little things that make it all better... just like hot chocolate and spoons dipped in chocolate... and fireplaces and fur :)


Peggy and Fritz said...

Sounds like heaven except I'm in LA. What I wouldn't give for a cozy sweater, hot cocoa and Italy right now.