Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More from the City of Light

 Being in Paris during fashion week poses a complex problem for someone who's been wearing jeans almost daily for the last looooong while: what to wear???

Luckily, I've packed lots a dresses, lots of black and tons of accessories. And if all else fails, I have a major department store right in front of my rented studio apartment. Phewwww.

 Here are some pictures taken about town. I started out the day (  yes, I got up quite late) enjoying an Obama burger at a trendy diner by the name of Coffee Parisien on rue Princesse. It was très très cool indeed.

A window at Hermès.

 My dream bike.

Des fleurs, toujours des fleurs.

A sweet pup catching some zzzz's ( in a fabulous chair..)caught on film through the window.

Bonne nuit from Paris.

(images via l'Offciel, We heart it, and my own photographs)


Jem said...

Your dream bike is so beautiful, perfect thing to go riding around the countryside on before pulling up for a picnic!

Jem xXx

Absolutely Ladylike said...

I can't wait to visit Paris...your photographs are amazing, and that bike is an art! Thanks for sharing.

I hope your week is going smoothly, cheers: Evi

TimbarikaDoll said...

I'd really love that bike gorgeous!! Hope you keep enjoying!!


How lovely! Those photos are just wonderful. I love the one of the pup in the chair :)

Hope you're enjoying your time! I've been to Paris many times but never during Fashion Week. There must be such a buzz in the city. There's definitely one here in NY during fashion week but I can only imagine it's so much more there. xoxo

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I would love to live in Hermes shop!
Charming display!! I was in Paris not too long ago~

The Buzz said...

Keep taking pictures of your excursions in Paris so that we may live vicariously thorugh them... Love the pictures of the Hermse store and I hope you have a chance to eat at Le Bon Acceuil while you're there!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Gorgeous! Love that adorable dog.

Christel @ Captivated by image said...

Oooh I melt seeing that sleeping dog, so adorable! The flowered bike IS Spring, love it! Enjoy the excitement of PFW:)