Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book of the Week: The Time Traveling Fashionista

 They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but frankly, I can't help myself.  A beautiful cover ALWAYS catches my eye.  I have trouble with those bland beige covers you often find in French bookstores, they just don't capture my interest. I must be an in your face kind of girl!

In any event, I digress. This lovely book by Bianca Turetsky is for young adults, and the story line sounds delicious. It involves vintage dresses, traveling back in time and shopping. Need I say more? Looking forward to sitting back and enjoying this one.

Candace Bushnell announced yesterday that she will be writing two more books for young adults and fellow Canadian Tish Cohen has another YA book to be released soon. This has given me the urge to try my hand at some YA fiction. I have a great idea for a story, a wonderful name for the main character, now all I need now is some MORE TIME! Ouf, perhaps I should disappear for two years?!

 On a different note, here are some important words to live by:

Bonne journée!


Plami said...

This book looks AMAZING!!! I always love books with pretty covers as well :)



Anonymous said...

I MUST have this book!! I'm a fashion major + sci fi addict. ;)

Sweetdeesignz.com said...

sounds interesting i hop i run across this book someday

Kori said...

Can't wait to check this out! Kori xoxo

pinkstilettos said...

Yes...I am a sucker for the book cover too!