Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fascinating, isn't it?

 As previously mentioned, I am doing research for my next novel that will touch upon the issue of counterfeiting. It's a fascinating subject, that has been in the news lately thanks to New York City politics. I was thrilled to be invited to Harper's Bazaar Annual Summit and learned a tremendous amount of valuable information...

 Here's a table of fake products, to show how difficult it can be to identify them. Did you know that 80% of fakes are now sold online and some consumers are seriously being duped as some knock off sites look just like the designer's own website.

A picture of Valerie Salembier, Bazaar's Publisher showing a journalist how to spot a fake. A shocking piece of information: most fake perfumes contain urine and antifreeze!

The keynote speaker was Frank Abagnale, the subject of the movie and Broadway show Catch Me if You Can. He's been working  for the FBI for 35 years now in the fraud division. I hope you find this subject of interest, because it's the main topic of my next book!

 I couldn't help taking a shot of these gorgeous blooms in Greenacre Park...Hydrangeas are my favorite at this time of year...

A picture of the windows at the Heart Tower: vintage pages pf Bazaar magazine.

And I ended my NY trip with a pit stop at Anthropologie where I picked up a few items, including a lovely mug with my initial on it, perfect for writing days ahead. Now I need to get back to work!


Kori said...

Can't wait to hear more about it! Fascinating topic. Kori xoxo


It truly is fascinating! I've been thinking about it since you told me. So intriguing. Hope you had a good & successful lunch before leaving NY :)


duchess_bijuleni said...

wow.I'm so glad I dont buy fake perfumes!Im so curious to know how to spot fake purses.Some of them are way too obvious but others not so much.

Emilie said...

Sounds like you had a great time!
A bientôt!!!