Thursday, April 14, 2011

WHY NOT....? is too short not to!

Pssssst, want the recipe for those gorgeous treats, take a look here!

(images via Katespade and The Bride's Cafe)


Plami said...

Well now this is a great idea!!! Thanks for this positive post!


Christel @ Captivated by image said...

Well, why not! That'd be fun (for a little while;) Great, happy images. I'm very in the mood for those. Hope you have a great weekend.

~In God we trust~ said...

OMG is a good idea every day like your birthday.. This year is very special for me im turn to 40 on october 2 my First 40 can you believe? i can't believe my self i was a little depress about the idea and never in my early years tough how can be this future day and your post make me think mm its a good idea maybe i can do something special for me to celebrate my 40 years of life. Maybe every week a day to celebrate my last 39 ... super positive post.. love your entire blog...