Thursday, May 26, 2011

J'adore le rouge + 30 days to success!

Although my blog is called Pink Lemonade, I adore the color red. It gets me all fired up and gives my pale complexion a real boost!

My mother bought me red outfits when I was young and that color really stuck with me. It symbolizes passion, action and love.

Speaking of action, I just started a 30 day kick derrière program that involves completing the first draft of my second novel, getting in serious shape and changing my eating habits. I got the idea while reading a post on Steve Pavlina's motivational blog.

Essentially, if we set a short term goal for ourselves, he says we have a lot more chances of making it.  I believe that to be true.

Watch out, because I am coming out!


Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

Good for you! That is about where I'm at as well. Good luck to us both.

Stacey said...

Love your positive attitude! The colour red is always a winner and these pics are fab! X

Beth S. said...

Red is my absolute favorite color, though strangely enough, I don't have that much red in my closet.


Ooooh I LOVE red too! One of my favorites for sure.

And good for you about your new regimen! You can do it! :) xoxo

Oh and yes I'm headed to Fire Island tomorrow for the long weekend. Cannot wait!

Meisha.Style said...

♥ the heels! so beautiful!