Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday!! Hope you had a wonderful week! Mine was busy with novel rewrites, a few projects and some exciting marketing initiatives.

Looking forward to some relaxation, swimming, biking and attending a wonderful evening of music at a fund raising event with some fiends.

I'm happy to report that the winner of the Shopbop giveaway is Kim D. ( 6th comment), so happy shopping Kim!

Don't forget to participate in the other giveaway below for gorgeous watercolor notes.

Have a fantastic weekend!

( images via Dust Jacket Attic)


DesFruitsRouges said...

LOVE the picture with the bathing cap... her lipstick shade is gorgeous. Have a great weekend!!

Cate said...

Love the umbrella pic, but seriously, How do they do that!?! It's like in Harry Potter! :p
Have a great weekend.

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

Cool photos!! Have a great weekend!

jewelry making said...

Few more days to go then I'll be celebrating my happy and joyful Friday this week. Bravo!