Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday! Please forgive the lack of posts this week, but I'm taking it easy after a hectic few months. I am still on vacation enjoying the last few days by the sea. Yesterday was another fantastic day, where I discovered a stunning beach, finished reading another book and picked up fresh fish at the local market. Today, I will be sea kayakingand going to a music concert tonight at a local theater.

Here are a few interesting links: How to transition your wardrobe into fall, and a blue themed video from Kate Spade.
Wishing you a fantastic weekend!

(Images via Blonde Lasagna, Crush Cul de Sac, The Coveteur)


DesFruitsRouges said...

Happy Friday to you too!! I love the Vogue wardrobe update...

Katarinaღ said...

Gorgeous photos :) I am so jelous, due to hectic work schedule I still haven't take vacation this summer :( I had one weekened but that was it!
The dog on the photo looks like my Papi, he is 6 months old and is one of the reasons I can't take longer vacation :)
Love the tips on how to transition the summer wardrobe!
La Kat

Plami said...

Happy Friday to you too! You picked out some great pictures!