Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall is just around the corner...

So are you ready? I am reorganizing my closets today (and office) after a flurry of crazy activity this summer and it feels great!

I am putting my sweaters in neat piles and sadly putting away tank tops, frilly skirts and all that light pink...

I also picked up some colorful wool tights, a few hats and a gorgeous bag at Kitsch n Swell, a vintage shop here in Montreal on Monday. This is a season that I adore for the following reasons. What's your favorite?

(Images via French Frosting, Vogue and Coffee, we heart it)


Plami said...

Fall arrived in my city today and I am so excited!


Dentelline said...

I love Fall!
Nice colours and Nature is stunning!

With love... said...

:) just makes me smile.


Meisha.Style said...

fall is my favorite! love all your beautiful picks!