Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leopard Season

Is it me or do leopard prints come back every fall? Not that I'm complaining...I've actually been collecting a few select items over the years, including a gorgeous silk cape that I bought many years ago in NYC.  But a dainty, feminine, vintage coat was really what I was on the hunt for and mes amies, I'm happy to report that   
*I have found it.* Here it is my new baby:

Hope you like it! I promise to take a shot of me wearing it as soon as I have a fabulous occasion to wear it out. I look forward to mixing it up with bright colors (like the green sweater pictured above.)

P.S. I found my new best friend at Arterie, a lovely vintage shop in Montreal. The prices are reasonable and the staff is so sweet too.

P.P.S If you want to go all out and have leopard nails, take a peek here!

(Images French Frosting, Smoothies, Vogue and Coffee)


Arianna Alexis said...

Loving these prints!!! Cute cute pictures! :D

Ta-taa for now,

Pearl McPride said...

That leopard coat is fabulous! Love it

Anonymous said...

Oh the coat is beautiful! It was worth the wait. Yes, leopard prints always come back... I'm wearing my LV leopard scarf a lot!