Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Magic

This time of year can be both stressful and sweet.   Amidst all the holiday brouhaha, it's important to remember that this is really a time about being grateful and giving back, whether it be time spent with family or helping out a good cause.

I attended a lovely cocktail last night organized by my friend Christine who raised funds for a local charity. Although she has her hands full with a demanding job and two kids, she still takes the time to help others in need.  And that is the spirit of Christmas.

Speaking of giving back, a special thanks goes to Jennifer Daiker for mentioning me on her great blog!

Here are a few pictures taken during the soirée at the Harricana store in Montreal. Harricana by Mariouche is a local designer who works with recycled fur, and her pieces are truly stunning. We were blessed with a private concert by Florence K. a talented signer.

(Images via cognac and coffee and my own)

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Lucija said...

I kind of really like your blog - the whole thing, photos, overall looks, your way of perceiving the world...
Follow each other? :))