Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wow Factor

Isn't this editorial for Vogue Germany just dreamy?? The mix of colors and patterns is divine.

I am off to New York City tomorrow for a four day weekend. I'm looking forward to having dinner with old friends, cocktails with a talented designer, lunch with my agent and attending a holiday concert with Wynton Marsalis at the Time Warner building described as
“Uplifting: New Orleans jazz combined with the festive feeling of the season,” 
And after working hard these past few months, all I can say is watch out Anthropologie & J. Crew , here I come!

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Meisha.Style said...

these colors are so pretty and playful! love them!

Famille Gerdel said...

Chanceuse d'être à New York pour ce week-end. Lors de mon séjour, le mois dernier, ma fille m'a fait découvrir Anthropologie. Que du beau, là-bas. J'ai rien acheté, cela ira à une prochaine fois.

Bon spectacle de jazz avec les amis!