Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday!! ( Lolitta & Karl)

As you may know, On February 7th, Karl Lagerfeld will be the guest editor-in-chief of the Métro newspaper.

For the occasion, the newspaper is organizing a contest which can give you the chance to win a trip to Paris and be the designer’s assistant for the day.

(Visit the Karl for Métro official website to get more details and enter the contest.)

Lolitta Dandoy, a Montreal based fashion blogger, author of Blogue Mode de Rue and a recently launched blog Fashion is Everywhere and fashion journalist for the Journal de Montréal is participating. (You can also shop on her blog via My Walk In.)

I had the opportunity to meet Lolitta recently at a charity event and she is truly delightful. Her style is eclectic, mixing trends with vintage pieces. She also loves color ( as much as I do!)

She greatly admires Mr. Lagerfeld's ability to stay current and would love the chance to work by his side. She also is a fan of Yves Saint-Laurent and Alexander McQueen.

You can vote for her here! Good Luck!

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Lynsey Michelle said...

Wouldn't that be the chance of a lifetime? I wonder what he is like (i.e., as the papers make him out) and if one would REALLY want to meet him, or if he might just be better a mystery...

That being said, I certainly wouldn't pass up the chance. Haha.