Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

My Valentine's Day gift arrived early this year in the form of a Glossybox! This wonderful concept allows you to subscribe for only $15 a month and receive a sophisticated luxury box packed with a selection of beauty miniatures from boutique and high-end collections. To keep it exciting, a wild card item can be added at any time.

I must say that it's exciting to receive this lovely package on a monthly basis so I encourage you to give yourself this gift of self-love!

The giveaway winners will be announced later tonight, so there's still time to participate!


fawn said...

I love those Geronimo balloons!

Plami said...

Happy Valentine's day to you to dear! Hope you have a great time!



Anonymous said...

J'adore la photo des fleurs! Elles sont si belles!
Have a good evening!