Thursday, May 10, 2012

Satya Yoga in Sutton

I have a secret to share. In the last few months, I've discovered hot yoga and I absolutely adore it. Not only is it a great workout, it provides me with a profound sense of calm and greatly helps with my concentration, a bonus when you're a writer and trying to finish some books.

I discovered the Satya Yoga Sutton studio, located in the village of Sutton in the Eastern Townships. Its owner and founder is the ebullient Rachelle HappyLife. I've admired her entrepreneurial spirit and steely determination and she was kind enough to answer of few questions.

The opening of her lovely studio this year came after she spent four months meditating at the Tree of Life Center in Arizona. She says that during these four months, learned to be still, content and happy with her life after going through a professional disappointment. Her husband bought land for them in Sutton while she was away, and when an opportunity to open her studio came up afterwards, she immediately jumped on it. With her larger than life personality and contagious smile, she's been bringing piece of mind and happiness to the village ever since.

She says that her yoga practice focuses on being still, loving the self with a deep spiritual connection to the universe, a challenging concept these days. Also, she encourages others to overcome their perceived limitations.

When I asked her if she had any tips about starting her own business, here's what suggested:

1) Make sure all your motives are fueled by love. Set your intention, and follow it through with purpose and clarity. Having vision is the easiest part of manifesting your dreams, it’s following through with concrete actions that will bring your dreams to fruition.

2) Be Self-aware ( appeal to your higher Self who believes and loves you unconditionally) in all your decisions and beware of social conditioning. Listen to your own truth, no one else's.

3) Communicate effectively with the people around you. Choose your words carefully and use the right frequency when sharing with others. It will make things go more smoothly.

4) Meditate and take time to be still with your Self.  Re-confirm with yourself what your inner truth is telling you before making any final decisions. You will be grateful that you did.

5) Have fun! Don't take it too seriously and bring a childlike wonder to your work. Making people laugh puts everyone at ease and is good for your health!

Sherbrooke residents can rejoice, she is planning to open a second studio in December 2012.


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M. said...

Yoga is truly a great gift from above..
Love the way you think.
Amazing that my post this May is also about yoga..
Have a look!
May this weekend be as soft as your breath after yoga...