Thursday, August 9, 2012

Refurbishing: black/white

I've been working on a personal project today; refurbishing a lovely antique bookshelf with dainty glass doors that belonged to my dear
grandmother.  It will serve as storage space for my massive, ahem, prized handbag collection, in my office.

I'm really excited about it as I was very close to my grandmother. She had always encouraged my to write as a child.  Now I need to decide whether I will paint it a glossy black with a white interior or a glossy white with a black interior. 

Any suggestions would be welcome!! ( I'll be following these helpful tips.)

(images via Cottage and Vine, Sas interiors, The stylish type, Adore Home)

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Never A Plain Jane said...

Oooo, I cannot wait to see how it turns out! I only have one tip: black shows more wear more quickly. Dust and scratches will show up right away. White, even in a high gloss, is more forgiving.

Hope that helps.