Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday!!!

 Happy Friday mes amies! I hope you enjoyed a fantastic week. I'm sharing a few things I love this fall. Little details that will add some character to your wardrobe & life:

 I've always loved that college, back to school look. Rugby shirts with blazers make a great combination.

 Sweet double pendants

 Jean shirts, wool skirts and grey nails. Michelle Obama wore grey on her nails during her speech this week, looking both classy and refined. If she's doing it, then moi aussi.

Daily meditations by Gabrielle Bernstein. It's my morning ritual, helps me relax and get into the creative zone.

Anniversary bottles of Diet Coke in limited edition Holt Renfrew 175th glass bottles, packaged in an iconic magenta shopping bag case.

The most important of all.

Here's a delicious look into the Dior ateliers, that will leave you swooning and dreaming, just in time for the weekend.

(Images via Inspired Design)

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Life's Silverlining and I said...

A lot of beautiful inspiration you give us, have a nice evening