Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Today I am sharing a very inspirational post by fellow Canadian Danielle Laporte. It spoke to me on many levels. You see, many, many years ago I decided to pursue a career that was not me. For the wrong reasons.  And I spent years and years and loads of energy trying to convince myself that it was the right choice, when it was not. It began eating me up inside, I began to have dark thoughts.

It has taken me years of soul searching, tremendous internal hard work to come out from underneath a pattern of self denial.

I wish I had read this post when I was 19.

So in the spirit of spring cleaning you soul, I share with you her thought provoking post:

"If I believe that I need others' approval, I've already turned my back on myself."

- Kate Swoboda, YourCourageousLife.com

I spoke at a university event and asked the student organizer what she was going to school for. "Oh, finance," she answered.

"So working with numbers really lights you up then?" I said. She didn't understand the question.

"What do you mean?" she replied.

"I mean, are you stoked about finance? Do you love that world?"

Based on her blank expression, I was afraid of what she was going to say. And sure enough: "Oh, God no. I pretty much hate it. But being an accountant is good money. And my dad wants me to do this. And he's paying my tuition." And she just shrugged, as if it all made perfect sense.

I saw two things in her future: A Mercedes. And Prozac.

Listen to me: I've had thousands of conversations on variations of fulfillment and success with young adults, and old adults, and adults with arrested development just acting like adults. And I can tell you this with lucid certainty based on massive evidence of regret: Do NOT do shit just to please your parents. In fact, do not pursue anything in order to just please someone else. Ever.

You will die inside. You will grind to a slow halt and the lethargy of your spirit will weigh down your every damn day. You'll be sleeping with someone that you don't totally respect and utterly adore; you'll have an artless condo full of crap from CostCo that you don't really need; you'll count the clock until wine time. And one day you might wake up and think to yourself: Fuck. I did this for them. Where am I?

The excruciating regret of which I speak is an epidemic, of course. We know this. It's been happening for all of time, and it probably always will. Pleasing. Others. At the cost of our vitality.

So don't do it. You've heard it before, you'll hear it again. From commencement speeches given by entrepreneurial renegades. From the artists and the mavericks. From the everyday seekers who lifted themselves from regret to living -- full on. The people who love you enough to want every kind of liberation for you will tell you this: Don't do it for me.

And maybe today is the day, and these are the right pixels at the right time to inspire you to choose... your happiness.

I can also tell you this, based on the previously mentioned lucid certainty, based on massive evidence of fulfillment:

When you choose your happiness, you become infinitely more productive, useful, and magnetic to those around you. You enable yourself to truly be of service.

So let me repeat it:

Do not do shit just to please your parents.
In fact, do not pursue anything in order just to please someone else. Ever.

To Freedom. Fight for it if you must. 

Merci beaucoup Danielle. That was a breath of fresh air.


Vicki said...

Yes, very strong words for a very strong topic. It's so great if you can get it right while you're young so that you don't waste a lot of time. Life gets harder later; there's a lot to fill up your time. Adult responsibilities get in the way of adult pleasures. Too many of us settle. And that, in turn, steals our fulfillment; our passion. One thing I've found, though, is that it's never too late to stop, reassess, make new goals. I'm an older woman; I can speak of these things! We get to a point and an age where a life-less-than is just not acceptable and, yes, better late than never, we fight with everything in us to seek truth, feed our souls and be more brave.

Your site is very inspirational. I always enjoy visiting. The photographs are so well-chosen and just a feast for the eye. Thank you.

Con said...

this is a beautiful post thank you for sharing :D I even posted it on my personal blog, I hope you don't mind. :)