Monday, December 29, 2008

Resolutions for 2009

Teen Vogue

1. Be happy!

"Happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we live." Jim Rohn.

Teen Vogue

2. Walk my dog more frequently, even in the freezing cold!


3. Redecorate my bathroom

Kate Spade

4. Write a LOT more!

There's an old saying that goes: Writers write. This is so true. If you keep at it, the inspiration invariably comes. It works every time... I just need to stick to it....the novel will soon be finished.

Juicy Couture
5. Take the time to enjoy and cherish every moment.

Life rushes by. Take a moment to appreciate what you have. I will do so this year.

Kate Spade
6.Entertain at home more often.

I love having friends over. Who cares if the kitchen is a mess and the chicken is slightly burnt? It's all about the company and the conversation

7. Read more books of different genres (and less chick lit!)

Jane Roarty

8. Eat at home + cook more often.

I spend way too much money in restaurants and take-out counters. And the food tastes much better at home in good company.

Teen Vogue

9. Get more exercise!

It puts me in a good mood every time.

10. Shop mostly in thrift stores...

I love the thrill of the hunt's much better for the environment and my wallet!

Happy 2009!!

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