Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

Hope you had a great weekend! I picked up Leo my new dog, can't wait to share some photos!

(images via Neo-Traditionalist and Just Be splendid)


Kristen said...

Woah! Look at those books! The quote is great and so true!!

Happy Monday to you too! :)

Sarah Klassen said...

this is a lovely quote + I adore the image to go with it... don't you love when words describe exactly how you feel? I feel this way with about 10 of my favorite books. They are so wonderful and I look forward to reading them again and again...

have a wonderful start to the week :)
thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog, by the way.


The Buzz said...

I can't agree more - I keep thinking "what's Catherine up to?" now that I've finished J'Adore New York!