Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some Exciting Upcoming Cultural Events

1-Louis Vuitton Trunks

What? Their iconic trunks and luggage are brought together for the first time in an exhibition showcasing the history of the Parisian luxury House.

Why? Louis Vuitton has embodied the art of travel since 1854 when the very first store opened in Paris. The exhibition covers the evolution of the monogrammed trunk, the high profile stars that owned them, and even reproduces the beautifully designed labels slapped onto them by luxury hotels from Hotel de Crillon in Paris to the Adelphi Hotel in Singapore.

When? Voyage en Capitale, Louis Vuitton & Paris runs 13th October – 27th February at the Musée Carnavalet, “the most Parisian of the capital’s museums.”

 2-Words After Dark by Paragraphe Books

Paragraphe Books in Montreal is hosting a series of talks with some amazing authors as follows:

October 25th: John Ralson Saul at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

November 18th, Kathy Reichs at the Paragraphe Bookstore

November 23rd, David Sedaris at the Paragraphe Bookstore

3-Denis Gagnon at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Starting October 19th, Quebec Designer Denis Gagnon will be exhibiting free of charge some of his fantastic collections and work.

On the walls, close-up photographs show the raw materials
Gagnon uses: lace, leather, a zipper. The clothes will testify
to the designer’s ability to transform inert material, whether
natural or industrial, into a particular garment. In the middle
of the gallery, on a high inverted pyramid, video sequences
will show the clothes in action, in shows and on the street.

For more details, read here.

(Louis Vuitton Photography by Alexandra Mendes, second image via We heart it)

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