Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!!!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! It's cold and snowy here in Montreal. Dear Spring, where are you? I'm dying to pull out my trench coat and heels, so pleeeeeease arrive soon!!

I just received the revised cover for the Harper Weekend ( mass paperback) edition of my novel that will be released April 19th. They've added a lovely review from a local newspaper and the words NATIONAL BESTSELLER at the bottom, ahhhh music to my ears! 

Speaking of writing, I thought I'd share an interesting article about book reviews for all writers and how important it is to have your book reviewed, whether it be good or not so good. As the old saying goes, there's no such thing as bad publicity!

Please check back in for the the winner of the Shopbop giveaway and Stephanie's precious tips!

(Harper's Bazaar, April 2011 via here)


this free bird said...

Congrats on the novel! That is wonderful news...I think you should celebrate with at least one of those outfits. They are darling and she has the best hair.


Jess Bandiera said...

What an amazing colour combo! Congratulations on your novel, I really enjoy your blog you have such beautiful pictures and words x


Happy Monday, Isabelle! Congrats, that's such wonderful news! I hope that spring comes to Montreal soon. It was freezing here in NYC again today. I'm craving warmth! :)