Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scenes from the weekend + Announcements

The first pictures were taken by me during the long weekend and I added pictures of my birthday gift from Dior.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I made the Ivy salad from Gwyneth's cookbook and it was DIVINE! 

I attended a cocktail yesterday evening at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to celebrate the announcement of an important donation by my friend Michel De La Chenelière to create a children's education wing. It will increase the number of annual school visits and the museum's educational curriculum. Bravo Michel for such a generous gesture!

Finally, if you happen to live in the Paris area ( lucky you if you do!) Please drop by the vernissage by talented artist Sophie Le Guillou this week, you won't be disappointed as she creates gorgeous affiches!

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Pâtisserie Paris said...

Oh how I love your Dior scarf!