Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday!!!

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed a fantastic weekend!!

I was fortunate to spend an entire day at the stunning Spa Balnéa, a lovely gift received for Christmas. The grounds are absolutely breathtaking and the treatments are of exceptional quality.

I also took a four hour hike in the mountains on Sunday which was great to clear my head for another busy week.

I'm working on a new exciting project at the moment ( in addition to a novel) and I can't wait to tall you more about in the upcoming months...

Speaking of writing, I am sharing a short story written by my virtual friend Jennifer DaikerWhen Love Aligns.

It's the story about what you do when you match the love of your life to someone else and I encourage you to take a peek at her witty writing style!

Have a fantastic week!

(Images via Seventeen and Cookedhead)

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Jen Daiker said...

*blushes* YOU ARE SO SWEET! Thanks for showing my fabulous little story off! Cannot thank you enough!