Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fresh air + facing your fears

I have a confession to make: I've been procrastinating. Big time. Yes, I've been putting off facing the blank page again....Why? Out of fear, of course. Fear of failure, fear of ridicule and most importantly fear of not being able to do it again. Writing a novel is like climbing a mountain. A big frickin' mountain. For me, it's Everest x 100.

When it's done it's totally exhilarating, like giving birth I suppose. In my case, I cry, I dance, I jump for joy, I travel, I see my friends, I shop.  Then it's just me and the darn blank page again and it's pretty scary. Back to zero, here I go.
What do I do when I'm afraid? Yesterday is a perfect example: I ate junk food, drank way too much coffee, bought a cheaply crafted blazer for no reason and spent two hours on a luxury shopping site trying to figure out how to pay for a dress I don't need and will never wear. That's what I do: waste time and energy on useless stuff...!

Today however is a different story: I woke up early, feeling determined to take the bull by the horns. I read a good portion of a great book about writing that incorporates yoga as a tool to face your fears: Writing Begins with the Breath ( I highly recommend it to all you aspiring writers...), made myself some green juice and headed to my yoga studio for some meditation.

Now I'm feeling ready to face another adventure: I'm almost done writing the first chapter of my third novel and, after I return the blazer, I'll hit chapter number two. My message to you is simple:  face your fears and just do it.
You'll be so proud you did. :)

P.S. Stay tuned for some upcoming news about book number two!

(images via Christina Lilly photography via Ruffled)


Cate said...

Thanks for this Isabelle :)

Katie Appleyard said...

It is definitely easy to find anything to do other than put your thoughts and feelings on paper. Thanks for doing it in this post :)

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