Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Monday! + what's in ur bag?

Happy Monday!! How was your weekend? Mine was relaxing, and included a visit to a spa and dinner out to celebrate a birthday.

How about a sweet, custom made poster of the contents of your bag, just like in magazines? The talented EmmaKisstina, can do it for you.

She will happily draw your bag and up to ten accessories, which would look lovely in an office or in a girl's bedroom, I think.

Finally, a special thanks goes to Myriam, for taking this picture for me of this lovely cushion at H&M Home in Frankfurt. Their bedding collection is very attractive!

Have a great week!

(Images via Here comes the Sun)


bathroom accessories said...

I love the dress and the accessories

Elizabeth // The Now said...

I loooove her work!!! I have the Hermes tray print and I just love it!!! I love the custom bag prints. Such a cute idea!!! Love your blog!! xo

Cate said...

Such gorgeous drawings! Unfortunately, my own bag is not nearly as glamorous as the ones featured, nor are its contents :p

Jolie Goodnight said...

Oh my goodness I think I know what I'm asking for for Christmas! That is such a wonderful idea!