Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's magic!

What a magical week so far!  I've received more fantastic reviews from fellow bloggers and I cannot thank them enough!

From the lively Lynsey of Law of Fashion in Los Angeles to Shannon of the gorgeous The Simply Luxurious Life

All I can say is MERCI BEAUCOUP les amies!!

I have more good news: I finished the manuscript for my next novel, J'Adore Paris, on Tuesday night. I am feeling exhausted but relieved and very happy. Thank you all for your kind words and support!

As for the truly magical part of my week, a major thank you to Haleigh of Making Magique for creating my trailer video!

(Images via Divas and Dreams)


Karena said...


I am so excited and would love to review your new book!! Everything you do is amazing!!


Art by Karena

I hope you will join my special Giveaway from Interieurs!

With love... said...

Magic indeed.
Congrats on the book.
Have an exquisite weekend.