Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Candyland: le monde de Julie Ansiau

Greetings again from the City of Light. I enjoyed a serendipitous meeting yesterday with talented photographer and artist Julie Ansiau. We had originally crossed paths before the Chanel show two years ago in Paris and she was gracious to invite me into her gorgeous home.  Over tea, she provided her favorite Paris addresses and told me about her work. In addition to taking stunning photographs, she creates these fun popquilts that have been the rage all over the world. I hope to be lucky enough to own one some day...Her apartment is truly divine. A curated mix of vintage, flea market finds and designer pieces, I would have gladly stayed all day. Merci Julie for your hospitality!

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julie moyna said...

hello...where would we in the US, mainly, Los Angeles buy the Swedish fish wallet? lukymama13@gmail.com thank you. btw, great blog :)